The 'Fill Your Life with Creative Arts'  project has been designed to provide community-based workshops for mental health service users; it supports therapeutic art workshops for groups who do not usually engage in art activities. It offers outstanding sessions for participants to learn how to overcome obstacles through self-expression and show them a better understanding of how to use art to communicate. After a culmination of workshops, an exhibition will showcase their unique 2D/3D artworks to the public, adding value to their lives.


In our club, there is a range of exciting art workshops, courses and socially engaging projects that are available:

  • Community Oriented Projects 

  • Art & Craft  Workshops, Exhibitions & Social  Events

  • Online  Courses & Mental Health  Related Training 

  • CPD Training for Professionals 

  • Private Tutoring & Career Coaching/Mentoring



The project will fulfil the following for the partners: 


  • To explore how creative arts can be used to support mental health recovery.

  • Provide an experience using creativity in a potential and beneficial way

  • Explore the benefits of creative pursuits for the recovery journey

  • Signpost people to the community resources to promote creative arts 

The participants will improve on many criteria:

  • Experimenting with playful methods of the creative art-making process.

  • Activating intuition and risk-taking mindset rather than intellectual and critical thinking.

  • Using their positive mental attitude framework to achieve a meaningful life and a definite sense of belonging in their community.