The 'Fill Your Life with Creative Arts'  project has been designed to provide community-based workshops for mental health service users; it supports therapeutic art workshops for groups who do not usually engage in art activities. It offers outstanding sessions for participants to learn how to overcome obstacles through self-expression and show them a better understanding of how to use art to communicate. After a culmination of workshops, an exhibition will showcase their unique 2D/3D artworks to the public, adding value to their lives.


In our club, there is a range of exciting art workshops, courses and socially engaging projects that are available:

  • Community Oriented Projects 

  • Art & Craft  Workshops, Exhibitions & Social  Events

  • Online  Courses & Mental Health  Related Training 

  • CPD Training for Professionals 

  • Private Tutoring & Career Coaching 



The project will fulfil the following for the partners: 


  • To explore how creative arts can be used to support mental health recovery.

  • Provide an experience using creativity in a potential and beneficial way

  • Explore the benefits of creative pursuits for the recovery journey

  • Signpost people to the community resources to promote creative arts 

The participants will improve on many criteria:

  • Experimenting with playful methods of the creative art-making process.

  • Activating intuition and risk-taking mindset rather than intellectual and critical thinking.

  • Using their positive mental attitude framework to achieve a meaningful life and a definite sense of belonging in their community.




We proudly provide coaching and training opportunities for people with mental health support needs. We operate creative art projects set within social enterprises. We offer a structured approach to support personal & professional development through art workshops, webinars, courses, career advice, and progression.

There are three significant aims take place:

Participation & Creativity

Engaging in creative and artistic activities with participants with mental health conditions and support participants to develop new core skills and abilities through practice-based forms of making and doing. The main aim of workshops is to stimulate each participants' creative flair by opening up new opportunities to gain a broader understanding of their full potentials as visual learners, giving them a chance of using different innovative techniques.

Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitating community art workshops that allow art activities to help participants open up and talk while working and enable them to express themselves visually. Engaging in meaningful activities contributes to community participation for the members of the mental health community in Tower Hamlets; this means to connect with others and break down isolation and loneliness. To help participants become more insightful about their unhelpful habits to understand better making healthy choices. It will support people with mental health, helping them overcome social barriers and participate in wider communities.

Sustainability & Improving Lives

The participants will work with various award schemes to receive special grants for further aspirations and further developments. Learning new skills and sharing new ideas improves the sense of emotional wellbeing and visual artmaking could be a great source of a calming practice to cope with positive and negative emotions effectively.

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