Texture of Life Exhibition Preview @Idea Store Canary Wharf on 05th of Feb 2020.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

By Fill Your Life with Creative Arts!

06 – 28 Feb 2020.

Idea Store Library, Canary Wharf,

Churchill Place, Canary Wharf,

London E14 5RB

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'Fill Your Life with Creative Arts' has been designed to help individuals to have a clear vision of their future aspirations and plans. It provided outstanding community-based workshops for participants.

The display of 2D and 3D artworks by the Pritchard's Art Group. The group exhibition took place at the Idea Store Library in Canary Wharf. Please note that this is a free exhibition that opens for the public view from 05th until 28th of February 2020.

The exhibition consists of still life drawings, colourful landscape paintings, textured trees/leaves/fruits and handcrafted clay objects. The series of art workshops have been cultivated by the participants' artistic talents to be more intuitive and to drive their basic human needs of curiosity, self-expression, and creativity in visual arts.

The participants have practised with acrylics, oil pastels, mixed media and simple drawing tools to experiment with skills and techniques:

  • Simple drawing skills from natural forms, shapes and textures of trees, landscapes and leaves

  • Building tonal patterns to create visual form and value on paintings

  • Shading with mark-making exercises

  • Organising good composition by using the essential qualities of visual arts

  • Exploring, experimenting and investigating landscape painting themes

  • Using colours effectively to create visual texture and harmony

  • The fundamentals of understanding the colour wheel and colour theory

  • Building confidence in composing still-life paintings

  • Introducing basic clay crafting and clay building skills

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