Lino Printing Workshop @RAW Labs

I love art making process genuinely therefore I have an internal creative drive to try new things and improve myself as an artist. As an improving artist, I am always willing to learn and want to find out new ideas and new knowledge for learning and improving my art and craft in my business.

That's why I attended one of the community workshop at Bow Arts at Gallions Reach.The raw Labs is a community hub for Royal Albert Wharf, championing the arts, culture, and creativity. I was attended one of temporary hands on workshop to improve my ability in Lino Printing. I believe in the value of learning more skills and invest in trainings and workshops myself.

I am working with people who wants to improve their learnnig skills. Helping them develop has given me enoumous sense of personal and professional satisfaction when you help other people

realise their artistic skills. I absolutely love the process of art making that I create and love sharing it with people that will resonate a great starting point of my success in your teaching business.

Let's look at the Lino Printing technique in more details;

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