Jungle is Calling! "Fill Your Life With Creative Arts": Workshop no: 5 /29.11.2019

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

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Draw something from observation and use this as a basis for developing abstractions. Draw tropical  plants, flowers and grasses. Use various examples to gather lines and shapes. Have a closer look at the anatomy of plants such as their stems and leaves, margin, buds, shoot, nodes, veins, and mid veins.

Focus on the subject and follow the edges, shapes and lines. Choose areas that have some open spaces around it. 

Focus on the Shapes: We collected different houseplants around the centre. The first exercise was a warm up, designed to help participants focus on one of the visual elements, shape. We used handwriting pens to illustrate our own experience of observing the shapes of leaves from the art room.

What are some of the differences between shapes of the leaves. How would you describe its shape? We tried to draw different sizes of the same shape leaf. We also tried to draw the same leaf from different positions depending on the angle of the view.

We started drawing the leaves in the middle of our papers and worked slowly towards the sides of the top and the bottom of the paper. We used acrylic paintings to give them a volume and tones. Our participants felt confident about where to start therefore they drew fluently fill the paper with lots of kinds leaves.

Anatomy of a Plant/Flower

We discussed about the anatomy of a plant; stem, veins, petals, and roots etc.

I mentioned about one of my favourite flowers Sunflower. Each one of us had different favorites.

Leaf Pattern Structure: Two different example of the alternate (spiral) leaf pattern. The basic arrangement of leaves on a stem are opposite or alternate =spiral. Leaves may also be wholeres if several leaves arise, or appear to aris, from the same level on a stem.

Experimenting with Shape, Texture and Illumination: of Plants:

Talking About Rousseau's Painting, Jungle!

A great way to introduce a jungle project would be to discuss the painting above or any other jungle related painting. We list everything we saw in the painting, such as different kinds and size of leaves that Rousseau painted. We also discussed in the shades of green used to show the leaves.

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