"Fill Your Life With Creative Arts":Workshops #4 / 22.11.2019

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

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Why is texture practice important?

Practicing textures is a pleasant, meditative process that helps to grow your observational skills tremendously. Texture can have more impact through variation and relief - contrasting rough areas with smooth ones.

Everything starts with an idea – the message you want to convey in a visual form. When painting texture, it is important to pay close attention to the colour values as they reveal the illusion of texture. If you understand and implement the value scheme correctly in your paintings, you will see immediate improvement. 

Resources /Materials: Notebooks, pencils, newspapers, drawing pad, tracing papers, glue sticks, rollers, cocktail sticks, card boards, brushes, felted pen, tissue papers, cup of water, masking tapes, acrylic paints, plastic surface.


Toward to end of the course the participants will be able to:

  1. To expose the element of art, creating of colour schemes to form an artwork.

  2. Working in form and gain understanding in the differences between form, volume and shape.

  3. How to create a successful artwork has a full range of value of colour.

  4. Hand and Eye coordination to improve our observation skill.

  5. Train our eyes to see different values of lights in different objects.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning the importance of colour value by breaking an object using full range of colour value.

  • What is counter and cross contour lines?What are cross contour lines used for? How to use them to improve your painting skill with using different shade of colours.

  • Line quality and its effects on form and light and how to use cross contour lines to give the illusion of form and light.

  • College and Frottage making practice by using only tone, by using principles of colour value.

  • Full range of colour schemes and it is practice for a particular artwork.

Exercise : Shade an apple or pineapple to create an illusion of TEXTURE with different tones of cut paper.

In this exercise, you started to explore the connection between collage and drawing with colours.

There are ways several ways to create unity in our composition by;

1. Use the medium in a consistent manner

2. Simplifying, shapes, subjects, colours, etc.

3. Using a consistent style.

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