Fill Your Life With Creative Arts: Workshops #1 / 01.11.2019

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I've been teaching for about seven years in different environments with different age groups. My priority in this project to support creative ideas from groups who do not usually engage in arts, culture and heritage activities.

I am here to thank our work partners at Culture Seeds, Working Well Trust, Upskill_LBTH and Pritchards Road Day Centre and Idea Store libraries at Tower Hamlets. The Culture Seeds funding was allowed us to facilitate rewarding art workshops for vulnerable adults within the local community. This project provided them with access to cultural activities, developing their visual awareness and improving their sense of wellbeing.

The main aim of these sessions is to stimulate each participant’s creative and intellectual interests by open up new opportunities to gain a border understanding of their full potentials as visual learners. 

This blogging summarises the 'Fill Your Life with Creative Arts’ project of group art workshops’ aims, desired learning outcomes, 2D and 3D work images, teaching methods, and scheme of work and etc .

Main Goals and Aims:

Personal Learning & Development: Change perspective and contribute to building identity. Tolerating uncomfortable feelings of negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, etc. Participants will be able to express their own inner ‘struggles ‘ or ‘moods’ through their art and improve their sense of well-being and esteem.

Engagement: Working as a group and exchanging ideas and this means to connect with others and breaking down isolation and loneliness. Encourage and stimulate re-engagement with wider social world.

Image Making Process: Experimenting with playful methods of the art-making process. Being able to stimulate participant's imagination to encourage new way of thinking and finding new ways of image making.

Creativity: Being able to stimulate participant's imagination to encourage new way of thinking and finding new ways of image making. Maintaining mental health and promoting healthy behaviours and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Making art workshop classes actively engaging as possible was my main concern. I was able to get the know the participants by asking them such questions open their world of art making.

Housekeeping Rules:

In the first session, we were able to establish some common rules in the art room; such as valuing and respecting others, exploring new views, and perspectives, being non-judgmental at all times.

The class starts off with a 5 minutes warm up exercise to improve our deep breathing exercise, relaxing body and mind.

We all know when we cant breath, it's normal to get anxious, but that makes it worse. When we feel short of breath, do your #diphramatic #breathing to control your muscles in your body.

Topic 1 : Marbling Art on Paper.

Skills We focused: Hand eye coordination exercises, recognising different elements of art and how to manipulate the water surface via drawing line ,shape, repetitive, bold, pattern design, geometric, floral, abstract design. The basics of complementary colours, primary, secondary colours, etc.

The key words work here are #flow #chemical_reactions #drops #experimental_learning #social_arts #cognition #neuroscience #marbling #art_room

Research Techniques: Previous knowledge, Living memories, Image manipulation techniques.

At the end of the first session, I was glad to see that everyone was included in the art room. They took their own initiative and enjoyed the session. We were discussing what images came into our mind after the end of the session. They came up with very interesting imaginative ideas. We also use artwheels to arrange warm and cold colours according to their chromatic relationships.

We also, discussed the meaning of #well_being and Some of our participants find out that being patient and having a #flow in our daily lives is one of the best way to improve wellbeing. :)

What's well being?

How could I improve our wellbeing?

How do we measure our wellbeing?


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