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Art for Recovery Course/ Recovery College/ 4th of March 2020 @Toynbee studios

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Session aims: To explore how the creative arts can be used to support mental health recovery.

Session objectives:

  • Explore different approaches in which creative arts can be used to support recovery.

  • Explore the benefits of creative pursuits for recovery.

  • Provide an experience of using creativity in a potentially beneficial way.

What 'CREATIVITY' means to you?

Feelings/Conditions: Activities:

To provoke / Films/ Paintings/Photography

Physical / Dancing, Design, Fashion/ Flower arrangements/Drawings

Rhythm/Harmony / Music/Dance/ Visual Arts

Trance / Dreaming

Liberation / Books, Art appreciation general

Energy( Heart) / Anything else

Expressive / Anything else

Recovery / Better life choices + Art appreciation/ Visiting galleries

Invention /Art & Design /Digital Design

Innovation /Anything else

Vulnerability / Anything else

Relationships / Anything else

The Benefits Using Art for RECOVERY:

  • Better or worsen communication tool

  • To see a different perspective of the worldview

  • Improve concentration

  • Improve self esteem through achievement and participation

  • Creative pursuits

  • Ways of expression

  • Hope, Control, Opportunity

  • Empowerment

  • Inspire change and growth

  • Distraction

  • Relaxing and diverting in stressful times

  • Engender a sense of belonging in a group activity

  • Mindful and contemplative activity (flow)

  • Expression of anger

  • Art therapy ( Treatment)

  • Displacement (Sublimation)

  • Sociable( Engagement and empathy)

  • Avoiding from Judgment such as self criticism

  • Brainstorming ideas and thoughts

  • Increasing resilience

  • Not being get bored and feeling of aliveness (for me!)


Core Arts:


Geoff Ashcroft Community Centre (Arts Therapies): 0207 197 1401

Idea Store Activity Directory:


Our Art Club (Olcay Morreale)


Creativity and Wellbeing Week




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Now it’s your turn.

Who is one of your favourite creative person in your life?

Share your thoughts, comments, and questions.