A group visit to V&A Museum of Childhood, 24.01.2020 @ Bethnal Green, in London

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

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  1. Articulating and producing new original ideas and making new connections with those ideas to break off all old habits of past experiences.

  2. Creating a greater understanding of healthy lifestyles and choices and maintaining wellness through visual arts.

  3. To enhance our art group's visual awareness to become more insightful about talking about visual arts as well as being art makers.

As an art group, we have visited the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green. I was committed to the Health and Safety requirements for the short trip. I was able to anticipate potential hazards and avoiding any severe risks by following the Day centre's risk assessment form.

One of the reasons I chose to visit V&A Museum of Childhood is because all the displays and activities help to promote cultural tolerance and to assist the visitors to recognise similar interest and experience a sense of shared experiences in their childhood. The changing relationships between childhood and adulthood in a range of different cultures as expressed by the display of the toys, objects, clothes, and furniture artefacts from various periods and cultures within the environment.

The museum of childhood is spread over 4 floors, with the mezzanine and the first floor acting like a balcony around the edges of the building so you can look down over the ground floor central hall where the shop, information desks and the cafe are situated.

On the first floor, Childhood Galleries show rows and rows of glass cabinets of dolls, teddy bears,games, miniature houses which tells the social story of children using a variety of objects, from dolls' houses to children's clothing dating from the 1600s to the present day.

We all have remembered our favourite childhood objects that we enjoyed playing as children. I have instantly recalled my tea parties for my dolls. Grace was showing her childhood memories of using iron as a toy in her early childhood. We talked about the toys and games that made us happy back then. It was very lovely to connect with our childhood memories by looking at the toys at the museum.

The Current Exhibition: Rachel Whiteread’s celebrated artwork Place (Village) (2006-2008) The Place is a sculptural work featuring a ‘community’ of around 150 Dolls’ houses which were collected by Whiteread over 20 years. The artwork joins the 100+ Dolls’ houses in the Museum collection. The houses sit on stepped platforms, evoking a sprawling hillside ‘community’. The houses are lit from within, but deserted, their emptiness evoking haunting memories and melancholy. The collection of around 100 dolls’ houses, models and shops, we can learn a lot about how people used to live by looking into these miniature worlds.

Place (Village), Rachel Whiteread, V&A Museum of Childhood Bethnal Green, London

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