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All courses are FREE. You must register prior to the course via our or by contacting us: 0207 426 2332 or In order to maintain the safety of our students, tutors and college staff, all courses will be ONLINE. A maximum of ten students can attend each course. Courses will include interactive activities and small breakout groups – it's important to make sure you’ve got a private space to join the course!


Upcoming online event on 30th of March 2021 at 11:00 - 15:00 at THRC

This course will explore the Psychological First Aid principles as set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO), that are aimed to help you understand ways to help other in moments of crisis and major distress. This includes how to listen, comfort, assess needs and provide practical care and support in moments of crisis. We will also explore how you can ensure you take care of yourself after supporting someone in need.

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Updated: Feb 17

Mandala art has been recognised as a therapeutic tool. Mandalas are making it easy for us to concentrate, relieve tension, anxiety, and stimulate creative thinking abilities and they can be used as decorative ornaments for everyday objects.

Upcoming online event on 22nd of April 2021 at 10:00 - 16:00 at THRC

This course will explore how and why mandala art is used to support for us. Mandalas are geometric patterns that when repeated in different formations creates incredible patterns and images. This course is continuation from our "Art & Recovery' youtube course you can find on 'Tower Hamlets Recovery College'.

It is a thirty-five minutes online course for beginners to learn how to make their Mandalas from scratch. In this course, the students will discover how to use the art of making mandalas to benefit for their emotional wellbeing and relaxation purposes during and after

COVID-19 pandemic.

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Creativity is thinking of new ways to do things! It involves producing ideas or behaviours that are original. Therefore there are two essential components to creativity -originality and adaptiveness. A creative individual generate ideas or behaviours that are novel or unusual and these make a positive contribution to the individuals' life or the life of others.

Creative thinking is an act of making a random combination of associations that lead to breakthroughs and new discoveries, that add value to people's lives. It is a performance of an individual's attitude, knowledge, imagination and ability to evaluate interesting ideas and experiences.

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We proudly provide coaching and training opportunities for people with mental health support needs. We operate creative art projects set within social enterprises. We offer a structured approach to support personal & professional development through art workshops, webinars, courses, career advice, and progression.

There are three significant aims take place:

Participation & Creativity

Engaging in creative and artistic activities with participants with mental health conditions and support participants to develop new core skills and abilities through practice-based forms of making and doing. The main aim of workshops is to stimulate each participants' creative flair by opening up new opportunities to gain a broader understanding of their full potentials as visual learners, giving them a chance of using different innovative techniques.

Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitating community art workshops that allow art activities to help participants open up and talk while working and enable them to express themselves visually. Engaging in meaningful activities contributes to community participation for the members of the mental health community in Tower Hamlets; this means to connect with others and break down isolation and loneliness. To help participants become more insightful about their unhelpful habits to understand better making healthy choices. It will support people with mental health, helping them overcome social barriers and participate in wider communities.

Sustainability & Improving Lives

The participants will work with various award schemes to receive special grants for further aspirations and further developments. Learning new skills and sharing new ideas improves the sense of emotional wellbeing and visual artmaking could be a great source of a calming practice to cope with positive and negative emotions effectively.

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