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Art & Design Practitioner | Facilitator | Sunflower Art & Design, 

Olcay is a qualified artist and designer (she achieved a BA in Graphic Design, currently completing a Master degree in Fine Art) from the University of Arts in London. Over nine years of work experience, she lived and worked in the borough of Tower Hamlets as parts of the creative community in the East End. She has worked as a tutor at Recovery College in Tower Hamlets. She has also worked at the Idea Store teaching creative arts for adults. 

Olcay is very good at promoting a positive learning environment, planning, and organising for pre-prepared events. She provides constructive feedback to the learners and motivates them to feel free and find their inspirations through visual arts. When Olcay works with others, she tries her best to preserve integrity to improve the long-lasting relationship with participants.

Olcay demonstrated a great example of working methodically to meet the objectives and aims of each workshop, executing the expected outcomes. Olcay is committed to promoting and involving creative community activity.  Working as a community artist and as a facilitator for her last art project, Olcay has run workshops and exhibited the work making people feel that art is accessible to everyone. 

She had successfully curated a public exhibition (at the Idea Store, in Canary Wharf ) funded by Culture Seeds, in February 2020. Olcay has provided the best service for the partner organisations who support mental health at the local community. She has worked with a wide range of people within the borough, reflecting the boroughs diversity and encouraging people to express themselves in a creative process. She is committed to the idea that art is for everyone and everyone has something to offer. 

Olcay believes that everyone is an artist to be potential to create and express their unique experiences and helping other people to understand and bringing people together in that understanding. Art can help break barriers between people. Her ultimate mission is to nurture and inspire creativity in everyone by designing workshops leading to everyone to create their unique art and showcase this art to the broader community.

She exhibited her previous artworks in various group/solo exhibitions such as Trinity Buoy Wharf, Canada Water Art Cafe, London College of Communication and Idea Stores Library in East London. She also provides a diverse range of digital print designs for her existing clients.  



Roles & Responsibilities: 


  • Designing, developing and delivering successful workshop materials for running successful training programmes

  •  Creating artworks and helping various community members develop their own unique ideas

  • Working with local community groups to identify their needs including safeguarding, data protection, health, and safety policies and regulations as well as fire exit provisions

  • Developing new groups and activities, bringing communities together through art and culture activities

  • Leading training activities and managing future projects for grants, sponsorships and other source of fundings

  • Publicising exhibitions through presses, leaflets, posters and using social media effectively

  • Writing and funding bids/proposals, planning budgets and general administration duties

  • Preparing, installing and curating artefacts for exhibition displays and other social events

What did Olcay learn by working as a community artist so far?


  1. Designing course materials: Constructing a scheme of work considering aims, objectives, and identify the particular skills to be developed for each lesson

  2. How to research ideas to improve my proposals for new funds. 

  3. Public speaking and presentation skills

  4. Being a positive role by motivating and inspiring others

  5.  Using diverse methods of teaching style and achieving expected outcomes for participants

  6. How to get public awareness and promote the business further

  7. Getting more knowledge of Mental Health

  8. Establishing innovative ideas, blogging and new platforms in social media