Olcay is the founder of  FILL YOUR LIFE IN CREATIVE ARTS!


Olcay is a qualified community artist, entrepreneur and designer (she achieved a BA in Graphic Design and currently completing a Master degree in Fine Art) from the University of Arts in London. Over nine years of work experience being an art practitioner, including working as a co-designer and co-producer Tutor at Recovery College part of the East London NHS Foundation Trust. 

This role has given Olcay the opportunity to pursue a creative practice place to strive to make positive changes in people's lives. Olcay believes that everyone is an artist and can create and express their unique experiences and help other people understand and bring people together in that understanding. Art can help break barriers between people. She plans to pursue new opportunities to create a practice place to change people's lives positively. 

Olcay exhibited her previous artworks in various group/solo exhibitions such as Trinity Buoy Wharf, Canada Water Art Cafe, London College of Communication and Idea Stores in East London. She also provides a diverse range of digital print designs for her existing clients. 


We proudly provide coaching and training opportunities for people with mental health support needs. We operate creative art projects set within social enterprises. We offer a structured approach to support personal & professional development through art workshops, webinars, courses, career advice, and progression.

There are three significant aims take place:

Participation & Creativity

Engaging in creative and artistic activities with participants with mental health conditions and support participants to develop new core skills and abilities through practice-based forms of making and doing. The main aim of workshops is to stimulate each participants' creative flair by opening up new opportunities to gain a broader understanding of their full potentials as visual learners, giving them a chance of using different innovative techniques.

Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion

Facilitating community art workshops that allow art activities to help participants open up and talk while working and enable them to express themselves visually. Engaging in meaningful activities contributes to community participation for the members of the mental health community in Tower Hamlets; this means to connect with others and break down isolation and loneliness. To help participants become more insightful about their unhelpful habits to understand better making healthy choices. It will support people with mental health, helping them overcome social barriers and participate in wider communities.

Sustainability & Improving Lives

The participants will work with various award schemes to receive special grants for further aspirations and further developments. Learning new skills and sharing new ideas improves the sense of emotional wellbeing and visual artmaking could be a great source of a calming practice to cope with positive and negative emotions effectively.

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