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From Personal Websites to Big Businesses

""Olcay understands the importance of learning and how it can help to improve lives. She can work in teams, as well as on her initiative. Olcay possesses good communication skills and abilities to work well. " 
 Mandisha Smith, Idea Store Business Development Officer, 13/06/2019.
"Having Olcay as a volunteer at Idea Store has made a big difference! She is self-motivated and a good listener. She has been a fantastic support for learners in my classes. Olcay has a nice nature and is inspirational, enthusiastic and very helpful. I would recommend her. She will do well! "
 Ginny Hawke , Visual Arts Tutor, Idea Store, 10/06/2019.
"Olcay is determined and hardworking as she always goes above and beyond to provide great support to the club. She has superb organisation skills and she has always come across as very professional with clients and an internal member of the team. "
Mo Kasaei, Dual General Manager, Virgin Active at Canary Riverside, 27/06/2019.
"Olcay possesses very good communication skills and works well with people from all ages, genders, faiths and cultures. Olcay is an accomplished artist who can communicate well ,with her passion, with others. "
 Karen Nixon, Working Well Trust Lead, 28/08/2019.